Amazing Features

Follow Up

Inside the client folder you can set up a follow up alert 
for touch ups or other types of appointments. 
Just chose the number of days after the last visit.

Image SEO

Add Metadata IPTC tags to your photos to help you get
more clients and protect your copyright.
The more information about your business attached
to your photos the better.

Look Up Clients

Find your client folders by typing their names
or look them up by visit date. 
Microblading app makes it easy to organize clients
photos and forms all in one place.

Add Photos

Microblading app makes it easy to organize clients
photos and forms all in one place. 
Depending on your plan you can add unlimited photos
to client folders.

Photo Copyright Protection

Microblading app makes it easy to organize clients
photos and forms all in one place. 
Add copyright info to all of your work photos
before posting them anywhere, don't even share them
with friends before doing this important protection step.
After saving your photos with IPTC Metadata tags you
can share them directly from the app via email, text message, 
Whatsapp, Airdrop, etc.. you can also save the photo to 
your iPhone or iPad.

Save Money 

Clients can fill forms online before coming to see you 
or on your iPad or iPhone.
Either way you will be saving tons of money and
space by using fully paperless intake/ consent forms.
Use our preloaded templates, modify them to your needs 
or create brand new forms from scratch

Get More Clients

Our marketing tools like automated Google Review
Request Chatbot will make sure you step up your
SEO game! Remember: more review = More clients.  
Option to turn off this feature for existing clients
or anyone else you don't want to ask for reviews from.

Free, Free...Free!

Simulate, practice, teach with our drawing tool
for iPads, use all of the tools a PMU artist uses
but virtually, this is great for long distance procedure
simulations for prospect PMU clients. 
Watch our tutorial videos in our youtube channel to learn
how you can take advantage of this 100% free tool.

Freebies & More...

Check out our "News" tab inside the app for discount
codes from your favorite PMU vendors and events.
Also learn from our blogs written there by the most
prestigious PMU masters in the world! 
If you are a vendor contact us to learn how Microblading
App can help promote your tools, pigments, events, Etc..

Sharing is Caring

Share, print or save forms to external storages
directly from the app.

Give it a try...

Want to use the premium features inside the 
app for free? No prob! You can take advantage 
of our 7 day free trial for any level of subscription.  

Best Customer Service

Anyone who already uses our app will tell you 
we really care about our users because we also 
use the Microblading App for our own PMU Academy!
You can find all kinds of support by chatting with
us in our help page (, emailing
or contacting us via phone, text and/ or Whatsapp
+! (305) 607-1537. We are definitely here for you!

Add Watermarks

Option to add watermarks or text to your photos. 
Pick the color, size of the text or just upload your
watermark and place it on top of your photos.

Scheduling Tool

Our app also has a user-friendly scheduler so you can
keep track of your time. 

Add Notes

Add as many notes as necessary to clients' folders 
so you will always be ahead of your clients' needs. 

No more guessing

Use our Google Photo Analyzer tool before even bothering
to tag, post and/ or share. 
This tool inside the app will tell what Google bot "thinks" about
your image and if it's being used by someone else already.
Tip: If Google bot sees your photo as too racy or adult, etc., it
will not help put you up there in the search charts and may
damage your business reputation/ SEO.

Welcome Vendors!

When you announce your event or tool, pigment, etc. inside
our app, you are getting exposed directly to over 40K
active PMU artists who will receive push notifications
from our app directly to their mobile phones.

Get Organized!

Inside the client folder you can merge as many visits and forms
as necessary, for repeating clients organize all of your forms photos
and notes under one client folder, no more double entries.

Microblading App

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