- Unlimited projects for free 
- Free Scheduling tool
- 10 consent forms for free
- 10 clients photo/video
consent forms for free
- 10 post care instruction forms included
- 10 medical history forms for free
- Create projects and forms at any time: no time limit
- Free access to Industry News and Discount Codes



⁃ 7 day FREE trial 
⁃ Everything included in the free plan plus:

⁃ Use, modify our templates or create your own forms from scratch
⁃ Search existing clients’ list by name or date of visit
⁃ Unlimited consent forms saved in the app (client fills the forms on your device or at home via email). 
⁃ Upload pictures to clients’ folders (1000 max.)
⁃ Add notes to clients’ folder
⁃ Helpful marketing tool: 
• Add Metadata Tags to photos inside the app to help improve your SEO and sell your work 
⁃ Removal of the branded MB app from pictures
⁃ Add your own watermark to your photos
⁃ Add text to your photos 
⁃ Add Metadata Tags to photos to help protect your intellectual property (protect your photos from being stolen and used w/out your permission)
⁃ Merge different visit dates into one client folder
⁃ Virtual 24/7 App support at https://helpmicroblading.com



⁃ 7 day FREE trial 
⁃ Everything included in unlimited pack plus:

⁃ Upload unlimited photos
⁃ Image match search (to find out if your image is used without your permission) 
⁃ Additional (exclusive to MB app only, no other app has it!) marketing tools: 
• Automated Google review request tool
• Ability to save unlimited Metadata tags presets
• Analyze photos web entities according to Google 
• Analyze photos labels and safe search.

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